Sunday, June 15, 2008

Artifice project2

narrative painting from Edward Copper-a women under sun.

drawings + photoshop done by me

what i have found from the painting was vivid contrast between the light
and the surroundings. A balance between dark vs light / heavy vs light/ intense
vs peace. model constructed with clear acrylics and heavy based plaster covered
with a skin of corrosioned copper. Corrosioned copper is used because of its unique
green/grey colour striking the sense of moodyness in the painting.Clear arcrylic
was used to help the structure being illuminated. heavy structure is being
depicted with the heavy layer of plaster. the back side faces north(according
to New York weather), has darker shades and so forth contrating for the
front. FORM was formed by its own. not for the aesthetic

photo gallery for models-artifice and gallery

gallery project 3

Looking at the grid, it was the turning point of 29.5degrees for the corner shop that i chose. the first reason that i chose this wasnt because of its turning point but was its small little area like a park beside it. its a place where pedestrians walk by and sit down to have a short break. This area is an advantage for people to stop by and notice the art.
concept comes from the turning point. First, i dividing all programmes into seperate level: ground-office, workshop, stockroom
1st- apartment
2nd-main gallery.
the courtyard is the main source of distribution light , so it has to be in the centre point of all. visitors come in from the heavy concrete facade to a directional space with horizontal timber planes as side facade of the building( gives an communication to the small park), walk through the courtyard where all the scultors are placed( half circle) to the 2nd level(main gallery).
then to repeat the circulation, one has to walk following the shapes of the courtyard(with light) from rooms to rooms.

exterior-the fanning structure mimicking the the turning point of 30degrees-

images below are all from 3Dmax:

by shazz. '08

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Parti diagrams

Le Cobusier's Villa Savoye